Basement Anchors

For years, we have successfully met our client’s demand for cost effective and responsive services. DC Solutions' Basement Anchors attach to the outside of the basement wall, therefore eliminating unsightly plates and nuts from the inside wall. The blocking plate, commonly referred to as a dead-man plate, is placed 15-20 feet out into your yard as opposed to the 8-10 feet specified for conventional anchoring systems. This places the anchor away from the basement and the soil movement area that caused the wall to push inward. We then start the anchoring process and as a result this pulls the wall back into place and keeps it safe and secure and in place.


Primary Causes of Basement Problems:

  • Weak Concrete
  • Improper Backfill
  • Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Absence of Reinforcing Steel
  • Tree Roots


DC Solutions LLC has a one of a kind solution for anchoring systems patent owned by only DC Solutions LLC. We are the only company that attaches the anchor to the OUTSIDE of your basement wall. We NEVER drill all the way through your wall. Any drilled hole that completely perforates a basement wall is a potential leak. You DO NOT want anybody to drill through your basement walls.

I-Beam Restraint

We offer a less expensive option to combat the effects of hydrostatic pressure. DC Solutions can implement the I-Beam Restraint system to restore your basement wall's alignment.

An I-Beam attachment bracket is mounted to the ceiling joist. When the clay soil around your basement is dry, torque is applied to the bracket's tension bolt. The adjustment exerts pressure against the I-Beam and moves the wall back into it's original position.

Why Choose an I-Beam Restraint:

  • Less Expensive than other Methods
  • Quick and Clean Installation
  • No Damage to Landscape